In En, Sounds on May 19, 2012 at 3:16 am

Did you knew that every time we see a face we are seeing it as it was the first time? Our brain has a(re)search function which allows him to find a match with one face from our entire memory box full of faces we know or we once knew.

There are so many of us, there are so many faces. Faces which make us happy, faces which make us angry, faces which make us sad, faces which have no importance to us, but faces that are important to others, that make other people happy, angry or maybe sad. How can faces make us sad or happy? That depends of the face match from our memory. If the face from our memory has a happy feeling connected to it, then there is a face which brings us joy and excitement, maybe even happiness only by seeing it. If the feeling is bad, then we get angry when we see that face. But there are moments when we don’t like any of the faces around us and we prefer a puppy’s face, moments when the bad feeling is so huge that eats you up and just seeing faces or hearing voices makes no difference, moments when faces are just faces and the good feelings are hidden somewhere deep, moments when maybe only actions can count. The worst moment of all is when nothing counts, not even actions, not even faces we love, not even voices we love, therefore not even us and not even love, ours or theirs.

There are faces laying on the bottom of the box which get blurry in time because those are faces that we haven’t seen in a long time. There are faces we forget, faces we loose, but somehow we can still remember a certain smile on a face we lost or maybe it’s just a certain feeling we once had.

Actually faces are not that important. It’s just some kind of symbol for certain memories with important feelings attached. Maybe we can forget faces, but we can’t forget the feelings. Maybe we can forget voices, but we can’t forget the words. We are the sum of feelings we forget, we remember and we dream of.

For those of you who focus on the bad feelings right now, just try to remember the happy ones, the good ones, the ones that make you fuzzy and warm inside and after that recall, just start dreaming about the great ones.


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